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How Can I Join X Builder?

Click on the Sign Up or Register button on the Home Page to Join.

What is the Cost to Join X Builder?

You can Join X Builder with $5 (Amber) or $25 (Accelerator - $25) or $60 (Accelerator - $60).

Can I directly Join $30 or $100 Plan?

No, you cannot join $30 or $100 plan directly. You need to have a position in $5 to join $30 plan and position in $5 and $30 to join $100 plan.

Is Xbuilder available worldwide?

Yes, it is available worldwide.

What is the Deposit and Payout Method?

You can only deposit in Bitcoin (BTC) and receive in Bitcoin (BTC).

Can I buy multiple positions?

Yes, you can buy multiple positions. 3 Positions once every minute.

I don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet, where do I go to open one?

You can use any Bitcoin wallet with this system, so it is your choice as to which wallet that you choose. Here are some wallet's that you can get:, Coinbase, Blockchain and there are also various other wallets. It also depends on what area of the world that you are in also as to which wallet you can use. This program will take any wallet so it is your choice.

Where do I add my Bitcoin wallet address?

In your back office simply click the "Financial" tab on the left in the menu and then click on "Payment Accounts", there you can enter your wallet address, answer your secret question then click on the "Submit" button to save it.

Can I create account for my family members?

Yes, you can create account for your family, friends, relatives or anyone.

Can I use same Bitcoin wallet address for my family and friends?

 No, you cannot use the same wallet address for your family and friends. It has to be a different wallet address.

Where do I find my Referral Link?

In your back office simply click on “My Link” tab on the left menu.

Where can I see my direct referrals?

In your back office simply click on “Referrals” tab on the left menu.

How do I buy Position after adding funds?

In your back office simply click the "Financial" tab on the left in the menu and then click on "Upgrade” and then “Buy”.

I cannot refer People but I want to join. Can I buy referrals?

Yes, you can still join and buy referrals from the company. We have PIF option enabled in the back office. You need to inform the admin team that you need to buy referrals. They will take your referral link and get you the number of referrals you wish to buy.

Is it a Company Forced or Team Forced Matrix?

X Builder is Team Forced Matrix based on the simple concept of bring 2 and help them to bring their 2.

Are there any refunds?

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS since donations are being given freely and willingly and all payments are member-to- member as you did not donate to Admin. X Builder has no control over the donations transferred.

Do we have detailed Payplan?

Yes, please visit here